A new warehouse, a new future.


December 30, 2019

The first month of 2020 marks an important moment in the history of our company. We are proud to move our headquarters to Ostend, where we have found a 5000 square meter lot on which we have built a new warehouse from scratch.

When Soundsystem.be was founded in 2001 by Lieven Pillaert, no one could have foreseen the flourishing of its rental and selling activities. Lieven started from his living room and when Tia Broodcoorens joined the company in 2007, they started using the garage space of a volunteering neighbour. When this improvised storage space and a few other storehouses scattered over town weren’t sufficient anymore, Soundsystem.be moved to Oostkamp to set camp in a much bigger warehouse. It would be their home for eleven years, up until now. 

In Oostende a brand new and customized warehouse has been built over the past six months. The truck loading dock is among the most exciting new features, optimizing the workload before and after every job. The whole building is conceptualized as energy neutral and sustainable, including a heat pump to generate geothermal energy based on four wells of each 100 meters deep. Electricity is generated through solar panels.

From our new warehouse it only takes two minutes to make it to the E40 highway and drive our trucks towards your event or space. On the first floor we welcome you into our brand new demo room, to experience profound sound quality on a system that satisfies your needs. Contact us for an appointment, we hope to see you soon.

We proudly inaugurated our new location with a drink with our team of staff and freelancers. Cheers!