Event industry requests government measures + useful Corona roadmap

We wish to send courage and strength to all our partners during these tough times. The issued measures protecting our health and future, will most definitely demand your highest level of creativity, flexibility and resilience to overcome the losses of income over the following weeks. We are 100% available to find solutions in correspondence with your challenges.

Our activities have also completely ceased, leading to an unprecedented era for our company. We strongly believe combining forces in the event industry will be the only way to survive this crisis. That’s why we support the industry’s call (DutchFrench) to the government for aid measures, issued by ACC Belgium, Becas, BESA and Febelux. We (through our founder Tia Broodcorens) are represented in the board of BESA (Belgian Event Supplier Association).

An online Corona roadmap

Furthermore, ACC Belgium, Becas, BESA and Febelux created an online Corona Roadmap. The document is constantly updated and offers an overview of advice on health, safety, insurance, HR and legal issues plus some interesting links and solution providers.

What about freelancers?

Last but not least, we support the Facebook group Event & Entertainment Freelancers. In this private group, useful information is shared for freelancers active in our industry.

Festivals are our natural habitat. Both outdoor and indoor, we rely on twenty years of expertise in creating the best sound experience for festival visitors. We offer DJ set-up and backline, full speaker system solutions and live PA. We take responsibility for your festival production and relieve stress preceding your event.  

We have worked with these festivals: Tomorrowland, Voodoo Village, Nuits Sonores, Bomboclat, Listen Festival!, Curfew, Hangar, Klub Dramatik, Contrair Open Air, Koekwaus Festival, Reggae Geel, Zaradi Tebe, Boiler Room, Elixir, Transit, Konvooi and so many more.

When it comes to DJ set-up and backline, our offer is extensive. From the standard Pioneer CDJ player and DJM mixing tables, to stable turntable set-ups or an exclusive rotary mixer highlighted indispensable on your headlining DJ’s rider … we got your back! Our service goes A till Z, is updated to the latest software and hardware standards and always backed up with spare parts. Double DJ set-ups are standard for us, making it possible to switch from one performer to the other in the blink of an eye. 

Electronic live set-ups are our cup of tea as well. We plug and connect any kind of audio machinery to our sound systems. Our technical team is always present during your event, in case of unexpected events or constantly improving the sound quality. 

From small tents to the largest open airs, our Funktion-One speaker systems offer clear sound with impact. We provide solutions for any kind of size and budget and rely on fast construction and dismantling in accordance with your production schedule. Our systems are fully rainproof, so no need to worry in case typical Belgian weather. 

We master industry standard techniques such as cardio, end-fire, delay speakers and others, in order to minimize any interference with other sound sources and reduce impact on neighbouring areas and habitants. We are equipped with measuring equipment maximizing the sound level pressure under the current Flemish, Walloon or Brussels sound legislation

Next to DJ and live electronics set-ups, we offer full analog live PA set-up for any kind and size of live band. Operating on the high level EVO series of Funktion-One and the Heritage 2000, a 48-channels front of house and monitor set, our systems meet the highest standards. Our seasoned sound mixers have earned reputation in renowned concert halls, festivals and studios for reputable bands and live acts. We understand any kind of technical plan and offer solutions based on your festival and performing headliners. 

On demand we are able to provide a lighting plan for your indoor or outdoor festival.

Don’t hesitate to contact us.

From 11 till 14 February Soundsystem.be will be present at ISE 2020 in Amsterdam, the world’s largest exhibition for AV and systems integration. Presenting over 1,300 leading technology and solutions providers, ISE 2020 will showcase a unique set of special events, conferences, keynote speeches, networking receptions, education & training programs and show floor features.

Are you visiting ISE 2020 and do you wish to meet us? Or can we provide you an invitation code to visit ISE 2020 for free? Don’t hesitate to contact us. Personal meetings can be arranged on the ground as well.

What has ISE 2020 got to offer for Soundsystem.be?

Funktion-One will launch two new compact loudspeaker innovations at ISE 2020, as it returns to the show for the first time since 2014. Visitors to the Funktion-One stand in Hall 7 (S-192) will have an opportunity to discover the new additions to the Funktion-One line-up, together with Vero VX, Evo Series and bass options.

The new additions will be the company’s smallest ever loudspeakers. Firstly, an ultra compact mid-high loudspeaker that offers an extremely balanced and natural sound quality not often found in loudspeakers of its size. Secondly, a very compact yet powerful and convincing bass unit. The new speakers are suited to a wide range of applications, including distributed public address systems, bars and restaurants, as well as domestic applications, such as home cinemas, desktop monitoring and home music systems.

Funktion-One founder Tony Andrews said: “We’re very happy to introduce the new products at ISE 2020. Though they are small in size, they are capable of the high-performance standards that we demand from all of our loudspeaker innovations.”

NST Audio will launch its new VMO16 16-in 16-out audio installation processor at ISE 2020. You can see the new VMO16 on booth 5-V158 at ISE 2020. Designed using NST second-generation DSP designs, the UK-based pro audio product designer has applied its expertise in live sound filters and dynamics algorithms to this new rack-mount processor.

The first month of 2020 marks an important moment in the history of our company. We are proud to move our headquarters to Ostend, where we have found a 5000 square meter lot on which we have built a new warehouse from scratch.

When Soundsystem.be was founded in 2001 by Lieven Pillaert, no one could have foreseen the flourishing of its rental and selling activities. Lieven started from his living room and when Tia Broodcoorens joined the company in 2007, they started using the garage space of a volunteering neighbour. When this improvised storage space and a few other storehouses scattered over town weren’t sufficient anymore, Soundsystem.be moved to Oostkamp to set camp in a much bigger warehouse. It would be their home for eleven years, up until now. 

In Oostende a brand new and customized warehouse has been built over the past six months. The truck loading dock is among the most exciting new features, optimizing the workload before and after every job. The whole building is conceptualized as energy neutral and sustainable, including a heat pump to generate geothermal energy based on four wells of each 100 meters deep. Electricity is generated through solar panels.

From our new warehouse it only takes two minutes to make it to the E40 highway and drive our trucks towards your event or space. On the first floor we welcome you into our brand new demo room, to experience profound sound quality on a system that satisfies your needs. Contact us for an appointment, we hope to see you soon.

We proudly inaugurated our new location with a drink with our team of staff and freelancers. Cheers!

How to improve the sound quality of a DJ set? Soundsystem.be founder Lieven to the rescue!

The starting point is simple: a sound system will sound at its best when all elements of the chain are performing well. We can provide a qualitative sound system including speakers, amplifiers and DJ gear, but in order to create stunning output sound for your audience, whether small or big, a few elements need to be taken into account.

funktion one sound system

1. The source

The start of the chain is your source material. Whatever the format of your source material is – digital, CD or vinyl records – we recommend uncompressed. MP3, the most commonly used file for digital music, unfortunately results in a lower output quality. Due to the compression used, an MP3 file is seven times smaller than its uncompressed source file. Compare it to a glass of good wine, mixed with 6 glasses of water, before being served. 

On a smartphone, the speakers of a computer or a bluetooth speaker, most ears won’t hear the difference between an MP3 and an uncompressed file format such as WAV or AIFF. On any good sound system, such as Funktion-One, an uncompressed file will improve your sound, resulting in more dynamics, a greater punch and a natural impact on your dancers. Just like we prefer wine without water.

Funktion One sound system

2. The tools

Your battle weapons define your DJ skills and each DJ has his own favorites. In order to achieve the highest possible level, taking care of the tools matters. 

The DJ mixer is your primary tool, where you will handle the faders and the magic happens. Pioneer DJM is the industry standard and will always do a proper job. Allen&Heath Xone, Formula Sound, Model 1 by Playdifferently and the rotary mixers by Rane or E&S are our favorites to go one step further. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a word of advice, to select the mixer that suits you best.

For turntables we always prefer the industry standard Technics, upgraded with quality needles. To fight feedback and unstable tables, we prefer ISONOE turntable isolation feet. And vinyl weights – puck-like metal objects placed on a record during playback – help stabilize the records. Get in touch to find out more, we are happy to help.

In the case of a computer driven audio player, such as Serato or iTunes, we advice to use a suitable sound card. Just so you know: the standard headphone output of any MAC or Windows laptop isn’t up to par, a cable from your computer or smartphone to the DJ mixer implies a loss of quality. This can easily be solved by adding an external sound card in between your computer system and the DJ mixer.

If you wish to add live gear to your DJ set-up (a saxophone for example), make sure to obtain a balanced output towards the front system (where it will be mixed with your DJ signal) or – in the case of a small set-up without front system – the mixing table. Double check cables and connections to avoid issues during the performance.

Funktion One sound system

3. The DJ

Last but not least, every DJ is responsible for the output volume of the DJ mixer towards the amplifiers and speakers. Red lights on your DJ mixer’s output are no good, resulting in distortion

It’s recommended to communicate well with the owner of the party and the sound engineer about the level of the sound. If a decibel meter is installed, respect it, since in most cases the sound system is configured along this limitation. 

Don’t forget that you’re in a DJ booth, with your own monitor speakers. It’s worth a walk in the room to experience what the audience is hearing. When everybody’s happy, you’ll be happy.

Looking forward to working with you! Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Lieven Pillaert

Founder of Soundystem.be

“Would you be able to improve the experience of 29042 fans present in our stadion during home games?” When one of Belgium’s biggest football teams Club Brugge raised the question, we didn’t hesitate long. This challenge was right up our alley, we were certain we could make a difference. A few years ago we already installed a sound system in one of the stands of the football stadium of first league team KV Kortrijk. And Funktion-One had gained lots of experience at the latest football World Cup in Russia, where they equipped the stadion in Volvograd from top to bottom.

We started with thorough research, in order to fully understand the specific structure of a football stadium. Armed with a decibel meter we mingled with fans and visited several stands during a game. We quickly realised that every part of the immense building required a different approach. For example: the north side of the stands, where the loudest fans are seated, have need of more sonic force than any other spot. During goal celebrations we measured about 110 – 112 dBA, which you can compare to the sound level of a low flying aircraft. Regardless of a fan’s position in the stadion, they had to be able to discern both the music and the stadion host.

club brugge soundsystem installation
club brugge soundsystem installation

In collaboration with Funktion-One founder John Newsham we then drew a 3D visualisation of the whole stadium, on which we applied a sound simulation. Club Brugge approved our proposition, so we started shipping and preparing for installation. We ordered close to 30km of audio and speaker cables and crawled through every possible corner of the construction, to connect a total of 146 speakers with five amplifier rooms. On custom made stainless steel frames, we fixed 96 horn loaded tops (24 EVO 6 + 72 RES2 SH), 22 F55 speakers and 28 F218MK2 subs. It took us four weeks to hang all speakers, carefully balancing our cherry picker to not touch the holy grass on the pitch. 

The audio system is always operating for safety reasons, 24/7 and seven days a week. It needs to be available at any given time. The police and fire department is also directly connected, they can take control of the system. During a football game, it is operated by the stadion speaker and a dj, whose audio equipment we renewed. Last but not least we have installed a direct input close to the field for any kind of connection and a plugin for Club TV, the broadcasting channel of Club Brugge. Our friends and family might not believe it, but football is finally making sense to us now and we now know the difference between offside and outside!


Wij zijn in België officiële distributeur van de Funktion One product-range. In overeenstemming met de wensen van onze klanten kunnen wij een passende oplossing voorzien voor vrijwel elke toepassing.

Heb je commerciële skills en affiniteit met high-end geluidsinstallaties en je wenst er je job van te maken, dan spreken we je graag.

Stuur je CV en motivatiebrief naar info@soundsystem.be.

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