Your festival, our sound

February 27, 2020

Festivals are our natural habitat. Both outdoor and indoor, we rely on twenty years of expertise in creating the best sound experience for festival visitors. We offer DJ set-up and backline, full speaker system solutions and live PA. We take responsibility for your festival production and relieve stress preceding your event.  

We have worked with these festivals: Tomorrowland, Voodoo Village, Nuits Sonores, Bomboclat, Listen Festival!, Curfew, Hangar, Klub Dramatik, Contrair Open Air, Koekwaus Festival, Reggae Geel, Zaradi Tebe, Boiler Room, Elixir, Transit, Konvooi and so many more.

When it comes to DJ set-up and backline, our offer is extensive. From the standard Pioneer CDJ player and DJM mixing tables, to stable turntable set-ups or an exclusive rotary mixer highlighted indispensable on your headlining DJ’s rider … we got your back! Our service goes A till Z, is updated to the latest software and hardware standards and always backed up with spare parts. Double DJ set-ups are standard for us, making it possible to switch from one performer to the other in the blink of an eye. 

Electronic live set-ups are our cup of tea as well. We plug and connect any kind of audio machinery to our sound systems. Our technical team is always present during your event, in case of unexpected events or constantly improving the sound quality. 

From small tents to the largest open airs, our Funktion-One speaker systems offer clear sound with impact. We provide solutions for any kind of size and budget and rely on fast construction and dismantling in accordance with your production schedule. Our systems are fully rainproof, so no need to worry in case typical Belgian weather. 

We master industry standard techniques such as cardio, end-fire, delay speakers and others, in order to minimize any interference with other sound sources and reduce impact on neighbouring areas and habitants. We are equipped with measuring equipment maximizing the sound level pressure under the current Flemish, Walloon or Brussels sound legislation

Next to DJ and live electronics set-ups, we offer full analog live PA set-up for any kind and size of live band. Operating on the high level EVO series of Funktion-One and the Heritage 2000, a 48-channels front of house and monitor set, our systems meet the highest standards. Our seasoned sound mixers have earned reputation in renowned concert halls, festivals and studios for reputable bands and live acts. We understand any kind of technical plan and offer solutions based on your festival and performing headliners. 

On demand we are able to provide a lighting plan for your indoor or outdoor festival.

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